Friday, June 27, 2008

OAuth Support for Google Data APIs

This is quite a big step towards the open Web. Coupled with Google as an OpenID provider (<username>) now you can provide Google users another interface to Calendar, Blogger, Picassa, etc. from your site.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bullets of "Designing for the Social Web" by Joshua Porter

Some time ago I listened to a podcast, where Joshua Porter was talking about the social design. Thanks, John, for the reference! I got interested, and bought his Designing for the Social Web book (even before it was published :)). When it got on John's summer reading list, I was sure that the book is going to be good... and, oh yeah, it was!

Since there are so many good points and examples in the book it's rather impossible to give a short overview of it. Every good point leads to another good point, and I wouldn't want to leave the good points outside the summary :) I don't want to rewrite the book here as well... All in all - I strongly advice to read it and learn the DOs and DONTs in social Web design.

While I can't summarize the book, I decided to make up a reference of points that were inside it (a little bit more than table of contents), just to memorize them better.

Designing for the Social Web

  1. What's in the book

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Open Source Earth

There is an open source alternative to Google Earth - NASA's World Wind project; recently discussed in a YDN Theater post.

Also worth mentioning the project Gaia, initiated to reverse engineer Google Earth in order to set it free.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Google I/O Sessions Published

For those who like learning and (like me) could not attend Google I/O developer gathering, many sessions are now publicly available (Google account needed).

dConstruct 2008

dConstruct 2008 - Designing the Social Web
This should be a valuable conference to attend for the folks that do design for social Web applications.

  • Takes place in Brighton Dome, UK, September 3-5

  • Registration opens at 11am on 24 June

  • Tickets will cost £125 including VAT

  • In 2007 sold out in 6 hours

Thursday, June 5, 2008

jQuery Rulezzz

I was in a small seminar that BostonPHP organized about jQuery. For me, as a js-phobic person, it was a real discovery. To avoid coding JavaScript I normally would prefer frameworks like GWT... I also tried Prototype a while ago, but didn't like it.

Now I have a really nice alternative - jQuery. The inventor of this cool framework, John Resig, was himself giving a crash course in the seminar. I don't want to repeat it here, the documentation is very exhaustive. Just quick facts/notes:

  • Compatible with major browsers

  • Backwards compatibility of the framework is ensured via plug-ins

  • Huge and active community, many nice plug-ins available

  • jQuery UI to show up in a couple of days. Provides many prebuilt widgets

  • Performance is great, memory management is great, the size is minimal (~ 15 KB)

  • Hosted on Google with other AJAX libraries

  • Arround 10 000 000 downloads to date

All in all pretty impressive.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Developing in PHP

Most of my time I spend with JAVA... Unfortunately that's not my girlfriend :) Recently I started playing with PHP. And I must say I like it. Some time ago I kept considering PHP even worse than JSP. Now I see it's advantages.

I found out that an easy start for LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP) is installing WAMP. For those who don't want to waist too much time on installing all the separate parts (especially on Windows) this is really a good choice.

Having all the infrastructure setup I began looking for a nice IDE to develop PHP. As I am use to Eclipse, naturally I started looking for plug-ins. There are two of them worth considering: PHPEclipse and PDT. The latter to my mind is better. It comes with some nice Zend features, like debugger. Although it took me some time to configure everything, I finally adopted it. If anyone knows of a better Open Source alternative, please let me know. I guess there should be plenty of them at least for Linux.