Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Developing in PHP

Most of my time I spend with JAVA... Unfortunately that's not my girlfriend :) Recently I started playing with PHP. And I must say I like it. Some time ago I kept considering PHP even worse than JSP. Now I see it's advantages.

I found out that an easy start for LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP) is installing WAMP. For those who don't want to waist too much time on installing all the separate parts (especially on Windows) this is really a good choice.

Having all the infrastructure setup I began looking for a nice IDE to develop PHP. As I am use to Eclipse, naturally I started looking for plug-ins. There are two of them worth considering: PHPEclipse and PDT. The latter to my mind is better. It comes with some nice Zend features, like debugger. Although it took me some time to configure everything, I finally adopted it. If anyone knows of a better Open Source alternative, please let me know. I guess there should be plenty of them at least for Linux.

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