Monday, July 7, 2008

JavaScript in Eclipse

JSDT is a promising JavaScript IDE. As an article from IBM says the features of JSDT include:

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Folding/line numbers

  • Full outlining, showing classes, functions, and fields

  • Highlight and check of matching brackets/parentheses

  • Auto-complete of brackets, parentheses, and indentation

  • Mark occurrence

  • Comment toggle (line and block)

  • Generate element JsDoc

  • Surround with do, for, try/catch, while

  • User-configurable completion templates

  • Extract function/change function signature

  • Indentation correction

  • Open declaration

  • Open-type hierarchy

  • Open-call hierarchy

  • Customizable code formating

  • Full search

  • Refactor/rename/move

  • Breakpoint support

  • Defined browser libraries with JsDoc for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and ECMA-3

  • Support for user defined libraries using JsDoc + JavaScript prototype definitions

  • Library image support

  • Debugging support provided through the ATF Project

Exciting! JSDT is already available. It's part of the Web Tools Platform V3.0, and I guess it's currently the best JavaScript toolkit out there.


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