Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Google Developer Day in Munich

Yes, it was half a month ago, and I haven't posted anything about it so far.  Shame on me.

General impression about the event is good. Although you couldn't avoid the feeling that there was a bit too much advertising. But ok, what can you do in one day wit 500 developers, besides talking to them?

Look and Feel

Since Google has this image of being cool, childish and friendly, it really kept this image during the day. As you come into the exhibition hall you get into kind of a huge lounge with fancy music and colorful places to sit and stand. Then you can go and play something, for instance, table tennis, table football, Lego, etc. And in the end you could directly speak to a group of developers from Google, as they were taking up a specific corner and therefore were always available. The organization of the event was really brilliant. Everything on time, food for free, projectors always working, no waist of time.

People from Google were friendly, helpful, and really proud working at Google. The main marketing messages they'd tried to convey were:

  • You can do it!

  • it's not there yet, but you can be the first one to develop (or create) it

  • We want to help people to grow in the Internet because Google can grow only when everyone is growing

  • We like open source, we encourage open source, everyone can be participate in projects where Google is also taking part

Not Only Brain Wash

The agenda was pretty compressed. You could attend at most 4 sessions (read descriptions)...