Thursday, April 30, 2009

OpenID + OAuth: Transcending Social Networks

So we're tired of remembering all the log in details for each service we use on the Web. For instance, I'd like to log in everywhere with my Google Account because I use a bunch of services on Google. Others may be spending more time on MySpace and would prefer to log in everywhere with their MySpace account. OpenID allows for that.

Another thing, I want to log in to Facebook and see the pictures that my friends shared with me on MySpace. E.g. Plaxo is doing that in a very consistent way, by integrating many many services under one Plaxo's ambrella. That's maybe an exaggeration but with OAuth everyone can do this.

And so I am also doing that on my free time: playing with OpenID libraries and trying to integrate with other sites using OAuth.

The fact that social networks will be like air motivates me. And the fact that I will be able to login to Facebook with MySpace credentials hints that I am on the right track. Finally when I see services (with a business model behind it) based on OpenID (e.g. RPX), I am really feeling that the whole Web soon will change.

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