Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Browser That Removes Ads

A couple of days ago my friend was very annoyed by an advertisement which produced some sounds when you mouseover it. And the ad was placed in such a way that he would go on it quite often.

I wonder if there is a Firefox add-on which simply removes the ads from a page. It would solve not only the problem that my friend had, but also a more generic one. Imagine it would be possible to browse ad-free, that should be really awsome.

The ad removal plug-in could be trained by users to detect ads, e.g. served by Google:). All the information about where the ads or banners are could be stored in some public database, and the plug-in could leverage the collective knowledge of all Web users. Considering that ads are normally served as:

  • external javascript

  • iframe

  • inline images or text

it should be rather easy for a browser to simply remove some pieces of HTML from the DOM or put them somewhere at the bottom of the page so that they don't disturb the eye.

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