Monday, August 17, 2009

Tidy Up My Friend Feed

There is one feature missing on Facebook (I believe in many other social networks as well) - digest view on friend's activity. Of course I can go to my friend's profile and see all the activity, but there should be something more user friendly.

Consider the following scenario:
I am on my Home page on Facebook. Here I see all the (non hidden) friend activity. E.g. somebody posted a picture, somebody shared a link, somebody liked a song. Apparently there are some people which are very active, so they do those activities very often during the day. Alternatively there are more passive friends doing those activities very rarely, e.g. once a week

In this scenario there are two things to notice:

  1. Active friends will take up a lot of space on your Home page (or life feed in general).

  2. Passive friends will be quite invisible in all the sea of posts.

It's very likely that an activity done by a passive friend is more valuable than 10 posts from a very active (and maybe not the best) friend. So what we normally do? We hide the posts of very active friends. Otherwise we put those active people to another list. All in all we want to clean up the main life feed on the Home page.

What we actually do is spam filtering on our friend's posts. That's not good, because we know that they are friends and the stuff they do is not spam (even if sometimes it does not concern you).

I think the solution to that could be a digest view on friend's activity. Mailing lists work this way. There I can specify, that I want to receive one e-mail per day with all the discussion topics listed. Following this approach would allow grouping all the posts of my active friends opposed to having them flat-listed by time.

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