Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Experience With Google Wave

For my personal projects I've got Trac setup (OForge to be more precise). Recently with several friends we started working on a new project - - and for it we adopted Google Wave as a collaboration tool.

Actually we started with the wiki on Trac. But after jumping on the wave wiki naturally became obsolete, old fashioned, inconvenient.

Some observations about GWave:

It reminds a wiki in some sense, just that collaboration happens real-time. You don't have to browse through versions and diffs just to see recent updates.

The functionality of folders is ua bit cumbersome or sometimes even useless. At least I was not able to find any good use for them. The only thing I do is to apply a label "Meeting" with the saved search feature.

I start to fear that as the number of waves increases it will be quite a mess. Even now with 20 waves we already have duplicates. And there is no way to unshare a wave or delete it for everyone.

I really need workspaces. I'm working with different teams on different projects and mixing all the waves in the same pile just makes me loose an overview.

Widgets are cool but where do I find them? Would be great to have some kind of an app market on the web.

It's really great that GWave is open. Because I can extend it with my apps or change it with my own UI. I think it makes a lot of sense. If eventually GWave is adopted as a collaboration platform then we can expect many nice SaaS solutions showing up on the web. The competitive advantage will be determined by a set of features and the user experience, and we won't need to care about data portability.

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  1. Hey Chris, thanks for the input. Really helpful!

    As far as version problems is concerned, I mean that when you have a bunch of waves, you loose track of what you really have. E.g. I started a wave like three weeks ago called "market research", then someone had new input but forgot or didn't really follow that wave. This someone then created a new wave called "market research" and put his content there. So there are a couple of waves about the same thing, and one needs to merge both "market research" waves into one somehow. I haven't found good approach for that...